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How to Combat Loneliness

How to Combat Loneliness

Separated from the love you lost – whether spouse, relative, friend or pet, leaves a whole in our
heart that is emotionally painful. The key feeling most have is loneliness- disconnect from the
daily contact, the calls/ text, daily routines of comfort and expectation.
Being alone is not the same as loneliness. Aloneness is a choice for quiet thoughts,
planning, prayer, creative interests, music listening etc. It helps us refresh our goals and can
clarify our next move. Loneliness is often an ambush feeling, being separated from people,
disappointed in their response to our grief.
We often also isolate ourselves, trying to avoid the people factor. We are not ready to deal
with others when we can’t even deal with our own emotions.
When we are alone, there are a few ways to build up ourselves to connections -to our core
values and talents. Then we can share personal interests with others. Hobbies we once had
may resurface. Hobbies we never got to do may be of interest now.
“Alone time” rebooted my interest in photography. I rejoined the local photo club. I printed
pictures and framed them.
I donated my guitars to a music teacher and bought an electric keyboard. I still sing by myself
and listen to bluegrass and gospel music as well as oldies from the 60’s.
In an effort to have some fun shopping time, i visited local antique shores. I feel like I am on
vacation when there. I started collecting antique jewelry – mainly for gift giving. A few word
with the store clerk makes me feel “ normal” and grateful to be out on my own and feeling ”
What art, music, cooking, writing, collecting hobbies could bring you peaceful times?


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