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Relaxation Therapy to Calm Nerves

Relaxation Therapy to Calm Nerves

Numerous therapies help to calm and distract from emotional pain. I’ve listed these in categories as you might have a preference. Try at least three and you may discover a real talent and purpose. These can be shared with family members and gives them something to discuss with you other than your emotional pain. Some results can be used as gifts.

Art Therapy projects:

-Adult coloring books – flowers, motivational sayings, animals,
-Paint by number – kits that help you focus and build painting skills.
-Stencil art – to paint designs on wood benches, boxes or canvas
-Embellish art – glitter or sequins places over adult coloring
-Zen-tangle art – bold shapes with hashtags, circles, dots etc.
– ( research Google or buy a book in craft store.)
-Poster board montage of memorial photos
-Phone photography of sunsets, flowers, pets etc

Nature Crafts projects:

-Terrariums – table top bowls with miniature plants
-Herb garden in kitchen containers
-Vegetable garden – outdoor yard
-Trellis gardening – standup ladder with vine plants

Writing projects:

Journaling moments, thoughts, inspirations
Writing life stories for family heritage
Tribute collections with stories from antique store or yard sales, Goodwill. doilies, silver trays, ceramic birds, vintage prints

Music projects:

Organizing CD collections for later review or gifting
Writing poems or lyrics
Guitar or keyboard lessons
Attending local jam sessions
Joining a church choir



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